Viagra, Cialis and Levitra compared Erectile dysfunction — how to avoid problems

Is Cialis Right for You?

Cialis is a drug that is frequently prescribed to men all over the world for treatment of impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction. Cialis is prescribed as an oral tablet that you take once per 24-hour period, and whether you use it every day or as needed is up to you. It is similar to other drugs on the market, except Cialis works the longest – a single pill taken on Friday can last until Sunday.

Benefits of Cialis

Obviously, the best part about Cialis is that is can get your sex life back on track. However, there are some other benefits to this type of treatment as well:

  • Privacy – since you can take the pill once and have sex for up to 36 hours, you can do it when it is convenient for you and in private.
  • Convenience – you do not have to worry about the medicine wearing off too soon or taking a long time to work, you also do not have to remember complicated treatment instructions. Simply take one pill 15 minutes to an hour before sex, and enjoy the benefits.
  • Safety – Cialis is safe and effective for most men and comes with very few side effects.
  • Contact your doctor today to find out more about Cialis!